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Change Your Enterprise Password - non-Managed PC Windows 7 (XP, Vista)

NOTE: If you are running Managed PC Windows 7, do not use this site! Click here for instructions on how to change your password.

To change your Enterprise password, fill in the fields below and select Change Password. You will receive an e-mail notification once your password change is successful. Your new password is effective across all Accenture applications immediately. Remember to also update your Enterprise password on any mobile device (e.g., phones and tablets) that connects to Accenture e-mail. If you do not update your Enterprise password, you will stop receiving Accenture e-mail on your mobile device and risk being locked out.

Your Enterprise password will expire after 75 calendar days. CIO Technology Services will remind you to change your password starting 15 calendar days prior to expiration. You cannot change your password more than once within 15 minutes.
Enterprise ID
(e.g., john.smith)
Current Enterprise Password
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You can choose to create a password (8-15 characters) or passphrase (16+ characters). A passphrase is an easy-to-remember phrase of 16 or more characters, including spaces (e.g., a line to your favorite song or movie). Fewer restrictions apply to passphrases than passwords. With passphrases, you have more flexibility with the words you are allowed to use and are not required to use symbols and special characters. Use the table below to review the rules for each.

Enterprise Password and Passphrase Rules Applies to:
(8-15 characters)
(16+ characters)
At least 8 characters (spaces count as characters) Yes Yes
Not be derived from your Enterprise ID (e.g., password for joe.l.smith cannot be joe1#$2 or Smith098) Yes Yes
Contain characters from three of the following four classes:
  1. Upper Case
  2. Lower Case
  3. Numerals
  4. Special characters (e.g., @#$%, excluding non-anglicized characters, such as é, ö, Ø, ñ, å)
Yes No
Different from the previous passwords Yes Yes
Contain at least four unique characters and each character must not be repeated more than four times consecutively (e.g., AAAAAbl$% is not acceptable) Yes Yes
Exclude keyboard patterns, keys that are listed next to each other vertically or horizontally on a standard keyboard (e.g., QWERTY789 is not acceptable) Yes Yes
Exclude commonly used words*, such as "Accenture" or "Avanade", or words written backwards or disguised with special characters (e.g., Universe1, Un1ver$e are not acceptable) Yes No

*Click here to view the full list of commonly used words or letter combinations that cannot be used in passwords.